What Types of Treatments Does a Pediatric Dentist Provide?

What Types of Treatments Does a Pediatric Dentist Provide?

Aug 01, 2022

Children have similar oral health needs to adults. Dental experts recommend that kids start seeing a dentist early. They must have a dental visit by the first birthday or within six months of their first tooth eruption. Kids should see a dental expert that focuses on children’s oral needs, known as a pediatric dentist. Read on for more about pediatric dentistry in Raritan, NJ.

Treatments Provided by a Pediatric Dentist

  1. Comprehensive dental exams and cleanings

The dentist examines a kid’s mouth for signs of early childhood caries and pediatric gum disease. Then, as the rest of the teeth continue to come in, the dentist will provide preventive treatments. They will also diagnose and treat dental problems. In addition, the expert will ensure the child’s teeth remain in excellent health, function properly, and look beautiful.

  1. Fluoride treatments

A child’s teeth are prone to cavities since they love sugary treats and lack proper dental hygiene. The sugars and starches they consume change to acids which erode the enamel leading to cavities. Your child’s dentist can help prevent cavities by providing fluoride treatments.

Fluoride disrupts plaque formation, preventing it from building up and causing cavities. It also strengthens the enamel to avoid enamel erosion. If your child’s dentist detects small cavities early, they will provide fluoride treatments. The mineral will help rebuild the tooth enamel reversing the cavities.

  1. Stainless steel crowns

When a kid’s molars get decayed, fractured, or damaged, the dentist can restore them using stainless steel crowns. These metal caps are placed over the primary teeth helping them to function.

  1. Cavity fillings for primary teeth

Kids get cavities on their baby teeth, known as early childhood caries. They form on children’s teeth, even breastfeeding babies who have not started a solid diet. The cavities appear as a light brown color on the biting surfaces of molars. Cavities can also form on the anterior part of incisors and canines.

The pediatric dentist in Raritan, NJ, will restore the teeth’s function and aesthetics using dental fillings. Fillings also strengthen teeth weakened and prevent them from being extracted prematurely.

  1. Extractions

The dentist extracts primary teeth if they are damaged due to trauma or severe decay. A pediatric dentist may also remove baby teeth when they tighten back into the gums after loosening. They do this when they are not extracted in time and become over-retained. These teeth are extracted because they prevent the eruption of permanent ones.

  1. Space maintainers

These are dental devices used when a kid loses their primary teeth prematurely. They help keep the space open in the gums until the permanent teeth erupt. In addition, space maintainers help avoid overcrowding and misalignment once the new teeth erupt. They do this by preventing the rest of the teeth from shifting towards the gap and occupying the space.

Benefits of Taking a Child to a Pediatric Dentist

  1. A pediatric dentist specializes in caring for kids’ teeth. They have extra training to address issues with primary teeth that a regular dentist lacks.
  2.  A dentist’s office appears sterile, and the child may feel uncomfortable there. However, the pediatric dentist’s office environment is welcoming to the children. The bright and cheery walls and amusing pictures help the child relax.
  3. Taking good care of a child’s primary teeth will ensure the permanent teeth grow and develop properly. The pediatric dentist provides treatments to prevent or correct kids’ teeth issues. They make sure the kid’s mouth is in excellent health, appearance, and functionality.
  4. Children may feel anxious when surrounded by strangers or in an unfamiliar place. The staff at the pediatric dentistry in Raritan, NJ, is trained to deal with kids and ease their fear. They are particularly gentle with kids with dental phobia, special needs, ADHD, or autism.
  5. A pediatric dentist incorporates fun into every child’s dental care aspect. They teach kids good oral habits in amusing ways, making them enjoy the daily routine.

Are you searching for a children’s dentist? Contact us at Koren Family Dental for highly skilled and experienced pediatric dentists. We are equipped to handle the various dental needs of children. They ensure the kids have excellent oral health now and in the future.

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