Veneers for a Perfect 2018 Smile

Veneers for a Perfect 2018 Smile

Sep 25, 2017

As we approach summertime, many of us begin to take a bit more notice of your physical appearance and the things we can do in order to feel better about ourselves. For many, their smile is a point of stress or lack of self-confidence. There are so many ways to improve the way you see yourself and your smile, and one way, in particular, has made a difference in so many people’s lives. Veneers have brought so many people to love their smile and the way they look and you’ll be happy to learn that at Koren Family Dental in Raritan, NJ, we offer such solution!

About Porcelain Veneers

Before you make the decision to get porcelain veneers, it is important you inform yourself fully as to what exactly they are, how the procedure goes, and the difference they can make in your mouth.

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are custom made and fit to bond to the surfaces of your natural teeth in order to unify the look of your teeth, make them whiter, or fill gaps in-between your natural teeth. A veneer made of porcelain is tooth colored and very natural-looking, so much so that from far away and up close, no one would be able to tell that you have veneers. Veneers can fix a plethora of cosmetic flaws all with this one solution.

The Procedure

The first step in this procedure is to talk to your dentist in order to set goals for what the veneers will ideally achieve. Next, typically, the patient’s teeth will be prepared by lightly buffing and removing some enamel from the tooth or teeth in question. The dentist will then take impressions of the patient’s teeth to make the customized shells that arrive at your dentist’s office in about one to two weeks. In the meantime, your dentist will most likely give you temporary veneers to wear. Finally, a special cement is used to adhere the veneers to your natural teeth that are then cured with an ultraviolet light.

A New Smile, A New You

Now that you have a new smile, it is up to you as to what you’ll do with it! Show it off, take pictures, wear that new self-confidence you may not have had before! Give us a call to schedule your veneer consultation appointment as soon as possible!

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