Root Canal Treatment in Raritan, NJ

Root Canal Treatment in Raritan, NJ

Root Canal Specialist

When the core of your tooth becomes exposed through decay or a broken tooth, it can lead to severe pain and serious health problems if left untreated. A root canal treatment in Raritan, NJ is a dental procedure designed to alleviate the problems caused by the exposure without sacrificing the tooth. Dr. Jonathan Koren, practicing at Koren Family Dental in Raritan can perform root canal surgery to save your teeth, your oral health, and your smile.

What is endodontics?

Endodontics is the discipline of dentistry that focuses on the nerves within the teeth. Root canal treatments in Raritan, NJ are perhaps the best known of all endodontic procedures.

What is root canal treatment?

A root canal is a procedure that’s designed to preserve the tooth when the pulp of the tooth has been exposed to infection. The infected nerves must be removed stop the pain, make the continued use of the tooth possible, and restore your oral health.

What if infection within the tooth root is not treated?

If an infection in the tooth root isn’t treated, the infection can grow more serious, turning into an abscess. Even if you manage to treat the pain, what starts out as a small local problem in your mouth could lead to the infection spreading to your, jaw, neck or your brain. An untreated infection has the potential to be life threatening.

What happens during a root canal?

Root canal treatment in Raritan, NJ starts with local anesthetic in the area surrounding the tooth.

Once you are comfortable and feeling no pain, Dr. Koren will carefully drill an opening in the tooth to access the canal. This will allow him room to remove the infected tissue and clean out the canal.

Once the canal is thoroughly cleaned out, the empty space is filled with a special dental sealant known as gutta percha.

After the root canal is complete, patients are typically fitted with a temporary crown.

Dr. Koren will take a mold of your mouth for your permanent crown to be made and he will schedule you for an appointment in a couple of weeks to fit it and cement it in.

The crown protects the remaining part of your tooth, keeps your other teeth from shifting, and helps you avoid the bone loss in your jaw that results from a lost tooth.

What does root canal treatment in Raritan, NJ feel like?

Thanks to advances in dental technology, root canals are now easier than they’ve ever been. With local anesthesia most patients have little to no pain during a root canal procedure.

After the procedure, some soreness and tenderness can be normal, so Dr. Koren may prescribe medication to help with that. Once the root canal is complete, you will be free from pain and you will be able to eat, drink, and function normally.

Meet Dr. Koren

Meet Dr. Koren

Dr. Jonathan Koren is the dental care provider at Koren Family Dental in Raritan, also serving Bridgewater, New Jersey. As a practicing dentist for more than two decades,

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