Dental Sealants in Raritan, NJ

Dental Sealants in Raritan, NJ

Dental sealants are a great idea for patients of all ages. Dental sealants in Raritan, NJ are mostly given to children as they are used to prevent tooth decay and just give extra protection to decay prone teeth. At our Raritan, dental office, we use a special sealant that is thin and applies directly onto the surface of molars, premolars, and any deep grooves of the teeth that are primarily used for chewing. The sealants are cured with a UV light and create a smooth surface on the teeth that are then easy to clean and keep bacteria, infection, and decay out of you or your child’s mouth.

Why Do I Need Dental Sealants?

A good reason to talk to Dr. Koren about dental sealants is if you suffer from one or more of these symptoms:

  • Children & Teenagers: Cavity-prone years of a child’s life are between the ages of 6 and 16, but they can even begin as soon as the first permanent back teeth appear.
  • Adults: If your tooth surfaces have deep grooves or depressions that decay gets caught in.
  • Babies: Sealants are rarely done on babies, but if the baby has deep grooves and depressions in their fresh teeth.

What Happens During the Procedure for Dental sealants?

Getting dental sealants an extremely easy and convenient procedure, and is also affordable. The process will only take a couple minutes or so per teeth after the dentist thoroughly cleans and dries the dental surface. A special solution, being the sealant, is applied to the enamel of the teeth to prepare them for a strong bond between the teeth and the sealant. Finally, a special UV light cures the sealant and keeps the teeth protected.

Do Dental Sealants in Raritan, NJ Last Forever?

Dental sealants in Raritan, NJ do not last forever, over time chewing and wear will eventually take their toll on the sealant. Thankfully, due to the nature of the procedure, getting it done every few years is a quick and easy process. Our office in New Jersey, 08869 offer dental sealants for all qualified patients!

Meet Dr. Koren

Meet Dr. Koren

Dr. Jonathan Koren is the dental care provider at Koren Family Dental in Raritan, also serving Bridgewater, New Jersey. As a practicing dentist for more than two decades,

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