How to Clean Your Dentures

How to Clean Your Dentures

Mar 16, 2019

With denture treatment, one can get a new smile. Once you have a perfect denture treatment from Koren Family Dental, the results can be for lifetime. To maintain better results, it is essential to take possible care of your newly fitted dentures. It is essential to keep it away from any bacteria for oral health and hygiene. With proper care, issues can be avoided.

  1. Take Your Dentures OutIt is better to remove your dentures out so that gums and food particle does not remain stick to it. While removing the denture, it is essential that the patient take proper care. Make sure that it does not slip. Slowly remove the denture and keep it at a safe place.
  2. Use a Denture Brush or Soft Bristled BrushIt is better to brush your dentures at least once a day to avoid any food particle or bacteria deposits. All toothpaste may not be gentle for dentures and thus it is advised to use toothpaste or cleanser as suggested by the dentist. The expert dentist at Koren Family Dental suggests using soft bristled brush for denture to avoid scratches.
  3. Keep Them WetWater is essential for denture and absence of water can make it warp. It is always better to soak the denture in warm water for few minutes for its long-run maintenance.
  4. Have Regular Dental Check-upsEven when you have already taken effective denture treatment it is always better to go for regular checkups so that any further issues can be avoided. This will help detect issues at right time so that right treatment and medications can be suggested before the issue exceeds. Regular dental check-ups are also essential for general oral health and hygiene for any patient.

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For better results, it is essential that the patient take necessary precautions and care of the dentures as suggested by the dentist. Patient must schedule an appointment with the doctors at Koren Family Dental clinic in fixed interval so that necessary care can be taken and precautions can be suggested.

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