How Does Diabetes Affect Your Dental Health?

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Dental Health?

Jan 01, 2021

Teeth are equally crucial as any other organ of your body. Apart from chewing and biting the food, teeth help you to speak distinctly. A bright impeccable smile can boost your confidence and help you with aesthetic value.

Teeth allow giving the face its distinct shape. A mouth without teeth would seem void and affect the daily activities of eating and talking. Maintaining good oral health can help to keep dental ailments at bay. Cavities, gum diseases, and dry mouth can be a typical reflection of some underlying health issues. You can schedule regular dental visits to reduce the risk of teeth or gum infections.

Diabetes and Dental Health

The mouth is the mirror of your body. A number of ailments can be reflected in your oral health. A higher level of blood sugar might take a toll on your body, especially on the gums and teeth. Recent studies have revealed that people with poorly managed diabetes are at high risk of dental issues. Infection of the gum and periodontal problems are more prevalent among persons who have diabetes. A high level of blood sugar might also cause dry mouth. The lack of adequate saliva reduces proper hydration of the mouth and facilitates the growth of bacteria. Diabetes also reduces blood supply to the gums.

Diabetes mainly affects the ability of your body to utilize blood sugar to release energy. In severe cases, diabetes might cause multiple complications, including heart disease, nerve damage, kidney disease, stroke, and even blindness. Diabetes also causes complications of the oral cavity.

Diabetes increases the risk of thrush, which is a type of fungal infection. People suffering from diabetes also suffer from dry mouth. Thus, dry mouth and thrush are caused due to diabetes, which in turn increases the risk of cavities, sore mouth, ulcers, and dental infections.

Periodontal diseases are caused by an infection that gradually destroys the bones surrounding the teeth. The bones hold the teeth in place and allow you to talk and eat properly. Plaque and tartar are thriving ground for the bacteria. Bacterial activities release an acidic substance that erodes the enamel and affects the gums. Plaque and tartar irritate the gums. Swollen gums and bleeding is a normal phenomenon with people suffering from diabetes, as high level of blood sugar can take a toll on your teeth and gums.

People with a suboptimal blood sugar level are more prone to infections as they have lower resistance to conditions and healing capacity lowers abruptly. Looking after your oral health is as important as maintaining the blood sugar level. Treating the gum disease would improve blood sugar level, and optimum level of blood sugar can keep periodontal infections at bay.

Risk Factors

People with both types of diabetes are more prone to be suffering from dental issues. Diabetic persons are more prone to get periodontal infections if they fail to maintain an optimum blood sugar level. Smoking and diabetes can be a deadly combination for gum infections. Smoking risks your gums and teeth if you have diabetes.

People in the higher age group and have diabetes are more prone to discolored teeth and gum infection. Even if you have diabetes, maintaining the optimum level of blood sugar is essential. Both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia can promote gum infection. Decreased saliva is caused by diabetes. Dry mouth can lead to ulcers, oral infection, and tooth decay.

Common Mouth Problems from diabetes

Apart from periodontics, you might be affected by gingivitis with inflamed, red, and bleeding gums. Oral burning is an extended effect of thrush. Dry mouth, coupled with a bitter taste, can be due to diabetes. Dark spots or holes in your teeth, loose teeth, pain while chewing, bad breath, and changed taste while chewing are common dental issues due to diabetes. The first signs of dental ailments due to diabetes are swollen or tender gums. You need to visit the dentist for a proper diagnosis.

Preparing to Visit the Dentist

Although you might incorporate good oral hygiene to maintain an infection-free oral cavity, the dentist would be able to guide you better. Korean Family Dental is a known name in dentistry in Raritan, and you can expect comprehensive dental care here. You can book an appointment to avail of our offer of free first examination and complimentary X-rays. With over twenty years of experience and advanced technology, you can get periodontal care apart from teeth whitening and dental veneers.

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