Frequently Asked Questions

Two of our many goals at Koren Family Dental are that you and your family receive exemplary dental care and that your questions are always answered to your complete satisfaction. As such, we’ve prepared a few of the most commonly asked questions below, but we’re here to answer all of your questions, so just give us a call if you don’t see your question listed below.

What's essential for me to know before my first appointment?

There is nothing essential for you to prepare for before your first appointment with our dentist near you. If, however, you are visiting us for follow-up appointments to procedures that we’ve already begun, we will have provided you with the information you need before your second appointment.

What should I do in the event of a dental emergency?

If the emergency is catastrophic, such as traumatic injury to the mouth and face from an impact, you should seek urgent care from a facility near you. If your dental emergency involves a lost tooth, crown, filling, or other non-life-threatening condition, we ask that you call us for triage instructions over the telephone before coming into our office.

What are the benefits of a family dentist?

As a multi-specialty family dentist, our dental care team can perform a broad suite of services on family members of individuals of all ages. Parents especially enjoy bringing their children to our family dentist because it’s a familiar setting to them and helps to ease any dental anxiety.

How often should my child see the dentist?

On average, children should visit a family dentist on the same schedule as their parents do – at least twice a year. There may be situations when your child will require more frequent office visits, but the general rule is at least twice a year for exams and cleanings.

Is thumb sucking or using a pacifier harmful?

It can be harmful only when it goes on for too long, or it is interfering with the eruption of your child’s teeth. Our dentist will consult you on best practices that you can incorporate for your child to help them achieve the eruption of straight teeth.

How can I help my child care for their teeth?

Our best advice is to make it fun for them! When you visit us for your children’s dental appointments, you’ll see how fun it can be for them to learn good oral hygiene care.

It’s hard for me to get away from work or take my child out of school – do you offer convenient appointment hours?

Yes! We know how busy your life can be, so our office is open until 8 PM on Monday, 7 PM on Tuesday, and we’re here from 8 AM – 1 PM on the first and third Saturdays of each month. We invite you to make an appointment now for the time that works best for you!

Am I at risk for periodontal disease?

Everyone is at risk for periodontal disease. That’s why regular exams and cleanings are so important to help keep the disease at bay. If it’s been more than six months since your last exam and cleaning, make sure to schedule one now using our convenient online booking tool.

I don’t like my teeth or my smile – what can I do?

Thanks to the many advances made in modern dentistry, dental technology, and dental materials, many things can be done to improve the appearance of your smile. The best way to learn about specific treatments for your smile makeover is to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Raritan, NJ, for a customized treatment plan designed with as few – or as many – cosmetic dentistry treatments that you’re interested in.

Are there any side effects associated with teeth whitening?

Yes, several side effects can occur when over-the-counter products are used instead of professional teeth whitening products that have been approved for dentistry use. That’s why it’s always recommended that you book an appointment for teeth whitening from our dentist near you instead of taking risks in tooth sensitivity or enamel damage from improper use of over-the-counter products.

How painful is general dentistry?

Every patient will have a different tolerance level for discomfort, with some patients experiencing little or no pain from their dental treatments. But our dental care team will make sure to discuss your treatment with you ahead of the procedure so every effort can be taken to accommodate any anxiety you may experience.

I have additional questions about insurance and financing – what should I do?

Please call our office to speak to a member of our patient care team to discuss questions about your particular insurance provider if you don’t see them listed on our insurance page.

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