Children’s Orthodontics Can Help Your Child’s Future Oral Health

Children’s Orthodontics Can Help Your Child’s Future Oral Health

Jul 08, 2019

Every parent wants their child’s health to be in a good shape, whether it is improving the diet or helping them in staying active and fit. The good habits need to be developed right from an early age explains the dentist in Bridgewater. Their oral health should be as much a priority as their overall health. You would not want to be surprised one day learning that your child wanted braces long back and that’s why now they need a surgery for fixing the problem. Let’s have a look at some information related to child’s oral health care.

When Should My Child Visit the Orthodontist?

The dentist near NJ 08869, says that, every child needs to be examined for getting orthodontics when they reach the age of 4-5 years. The screening doesn’t involve placing wires or brackets or any other invasive procedure. It’s only aimed at finding out if your child needs to pursue orthodontic treatment. The examination also helps in staying proactive.

The dentist can diagnose issues like improper jaw growth, enlarged tonsils, poor habits, and other issues and offer treatment accordingly.

What Does the Dentist Check For?

When you take your child for a screening, the dentist near Bridgewater, NJ, checks the eruption of teeth. They examine what has erupted so far. They also check the airway to make sure that they breathe correctly. This is termed as ‘airway friendly’ orthodontics. Improper breathing can impact the shape of the upper and lower jaw. It can later on, create issues and may need an oral surgery or extraction of teeth.

What are My Child’s Options for Orthodontics?

Braces for children are now much smaller than they were in the past. About 75% of the children around the age of 13 need orthodontic treatment. To make the treatment short, pediatric orthodontics is ideal as they are worn before any permanent teeth erupt.

For slightly older children, Invisalign clear aligners can be an option. They are ideal for teens, who already have their permanent teeth and wish to make changes in their appearance.

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