Are Dentures Comfortable?

Are Dentures Comfortable?

Sep 20, 2018

For many patients who visit our Raritan, NJ dental clinic to get a custom set of dentures, their greatest fear is whether or not their replacement teeth will fit well and be comfortable to wear. This is a valid concern. It takes time to get used to the feel of new dentures. At first, the dental appliance may feel strange or unnatural in the mouth. But eventually, you will adjust to having them and might even forget you are wearing prosthetic teeth.

Comfort Comes with Time

Fortunately, many denture wearers find that their replacement teeth fit into their mouths with ease and comfort almost immediately. However, for some patients, the process doesn’t go so smoothly. When they first put their dentures in place, they have a hard time speaking clearly and eating properly. But after the first follow up visit, users find that their gums and jaw has begun to adjust to the dental prosthetic. Over time the dentures should fit more comfortably, and mouth function should improve.

Use the Right Adhesive

Speaking, eating and smiling feels much different with new dentures in place. This is even more difficult to adjust to if you are not using the right adhesive. Your Raritan dentist may suggest a quality brand that works well with your dentures. The correct adhesive will allow your dentures to adhere better to your gums. More secure fitting dentures make it easier to speak and eat without problems. The best adhesive also keeps food out, so leftover particles don’t get wedged between your dentures and gums. This can be very uncomfortable.

Caring for Your Dentures Prevents Discomfort

Patients at Koren Family Dental experience less discomfort when they take proper care of their dentures, as compared to those wearers who neglect their replacement teeth. Diligent denture users store their dental appliance in water and cleaning solution when it is not in use. It is important to use the appropriate agents to kill bacteria, so they don’t build up on your dentures. Doing so will keep your new teeth clean and fresh and help you avoid ill-fitting dentures and bad breath. Part of the denture care process is to alert your Raritan dentist if you feel your dentures shifting or becoming loose. Address any issues promptly so your replacement teeth will continue to fit properly and securely.

Address Unexpected Pains Right Away

Mild discomfort is normal when you first start wearing dentures. It takes time for your gums and jaw to adjust to the shape and size of the new appliance, but with patience, their presence will become virtually undetectable.

Contact your Raritan dentist if you experience sharp or persistent mouth pain immediately. A minor adjustment might need to be made. In many cases, a small fix can help you avoid a lot of pain.

In the most ideal cases, dentures fit effortlessly and painlessly from day one. If you want the best dentures in Raritan, contact the experienced dental care provider at Koren Family Dental.

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