All You Need To Know About Root Canal Treatment

All You Need To Know About Root Canal Treatment

Sep 01, 2019

Most of us associate Root Canal Treatment with pain. This treatment is not meant to cause severe pain; rather it aims at relieving the pain that you suffer due to tooth decay, infections, diseases, and other dental problems. Many people do not undergo the Root Canal Treatment even when they should. And this is mostly due to the fear of pain associated with it. This treatment, however, is very necessary for those undergoing severe dental issues.

So, what is Root Canal? Root Canal, in general, is the natural cavity that is present in the center of the tooth. The nerves and vessels of the tooth lie within the root canal. Root Canal Treatment is a procedure that is performed by the dentists to make the patients get rid of tooth decay, infection and other serious dental issues. Under this treatment, the nerves and the pulp surrounding the tooth are removed and the inside area of the tooth is cleaned and then sealed.

At Koren Family Dental, you could get the best Root Canal Treatment in Raritan. The expert teams of dentists in Raritan NJ, provides the most effective treatment causing less to normal pain around the nerves and gums.

Signs You Should Go For a Root Canal Treatment:

There might be several instances when you are suffering from tooth pain. But not every time you need to go for a Root Canal Treatment. These are the several signs that indicate when you require a root canal:

  • Sensitivity to hold, cold and sweet food items and beverages. If consuming such items leads to severe pain and sensitivity, you need to visit the dentist immediately.
  • A small bump might develop near the affected teeth.
  • Severe tooth pain while eating or chewing certain food items.
  • Your teeth start becoming dark.
  • Swelling or tenderness in the surrounding gums.

Reasons behind Your Root Canal Pain:

  • Certain damage in the teeth such as chips and cracks. These cause tooth decay that ultimately leads to root canal pain.
  • Tooth decay caused due to bacteria and other contaminants when starts penetrating the outer layers of teeth, it might lead to root canal pain.
  • If there is serious decay or infection in the gums causes pain, you need to immediately go for a root canal treatment.

How Much Pain Is Normally Expected After A Root Canal Treatment?

Since it is a major treatment, a certain amount of pain after the treatment is considered normal. It involves removing the nerves and pulp and also deep cleaning inside the canals. This leads to pain and irritation in the surrounding nerves and gums.

However, this after-treatment pain should not last forever. The main purpose of the treatment is to remove the pain caused due to decay and other dental problems. So if the treatment is causing more harm than gain, then it is not normal. Although moderate pain is expected for a few weeks if it is exceeding more than that, they you immediately need to visit the dentist.

What Is The Right Time To Seek Help?

  • After-treatment pain should be temporary. If it exceeds three days, you need to take help.
  • When the medications are of no help in reducing the pain.
  • After completion of the procedure, the dentist might put up a crown on the top of the tooth. This gold or porcelain crown protects the tooth from further damage and decay.

How to Get Rid of the Pain?

If you are experiencing more than expected pain after the Root Canal Treatment, you should visit the dentist. There are certain ways which might help you in getting rid of the pain, such as:

  • Proper medications
  • Taking good care of oral health
  • Quitting smoking
  • Avoiding crunchy, hard and junk food items
  • Meditation, yoga and other stress-relieving exercises might also help.

The Somerville Dentist which is the best Dentist Raritan NJ, provides the most effective Root Canal Treatment. The Bridgewater Root Canal Treatment provided at Koren Family Dental makes sure that you don’t have to suffer severe and unexpected pain after the treatment. The experts here also provide proper medications and after-care to the patients. So, if you need any assistance from a Dentist in Branchburg NJ, visit Koren Family Dental.

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