6 Reasons To Wear A Night Guard

6 Reasons To Wear A Night Guard

Aug 01, 2023

Night guards are removable dental appliances worn during sleep to prevent bruxism, a condition that causes your teeth to grind and clench. It is also called a dental splint or occlusal guard. Bruxism commonly occurs during sleep and can adversely affect your oral health, including the wearing of teeth and damage to your temporomandibular joints(TMJ). A dental splint acts as a cushion to stop teeth from grinding. A night mouth guard is comfortable to wear throughout the night.

Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard

Wearing a night guard for teeth has several benefits, which include the following:

  • Protecting Your Teeth : A night guard cushions your teeth and prevents the upper and lower jaw from grinding against each other. When your teeth rub against each other, it may cause temporomandibular joint pain.
  • Reducing Jaw Pain : A night guard alleviates jaw pain and muscle tension caused by bruxism. It creates the proper alignment of teeth and prevents them from shifting and causing jaw pain.
  • Preventing Headaches : When your teeth grind and clench, it causes muscle tension which in turn causes headaches and migraines. Night guards assist in controlling your muscles and reducing the pressure causing headaches.
  • Minimizing Tooth Sensitivity : Bruxism causes teeth to rub each other leading to the wearing off of your teeth enamel. This, in turn, causes sensitivity. However, a night guard shields your teeth and prevents sensitivity.
  • Improving Sleep Quality : Muscle tension, headaches, and clenching of teeth cause discomfort and sleeplessness at night. Getting night guards in Raritan, NJ, reduces the sounds and pain caused by teeth grinding and enables you to enjoy sleep.
  • Preventing Dental Procedures : A night guard protects you from dental problems like temporomandibular joint disorder, teeth clenching, wearing off of the tooth enamel and tooth sensitivity. The above dental issues may require you to visit the dentist regularly for treatment. However, a night guard reduces dental problems and cancels the need for dental procedures.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to consult a dentist or specialist if you suspect you have bruxism. They will assess you to see if you need a night guard to alleviate any pain. A diagnosis is vital in gauging whether your condition is treatable by a night guard or if there’s an alternative option.

Types of Night Guards

There are different types of night guards, including the following:

Soft Night Guards

These night guards are made of soft material that cushions your teeth. Dentists recommend soft night guards for individuals with teeth sensitivity and bruxism as it alleviates discomfort and enables the patient to sleep peacefully.

Hard Night Guards

Hard night guards are made of rigid material for durability and teeth protection. They create a strong barrier that protects your teeth from damage. These night guards are suitable for patients with severe bruxism or those who grind their teeth forcefully.

Custom-fitted Night Guards

They are the most effective type of night guard. They are custom-made to fit your teeth and then fitted to your mouth. Digital impressions of your teeth are sent to the laboratory to have your night guard customized. These types of night guards provide the right comfort for your teeth.

Over the Counter Night Guards

These types of night guards are ready-made and available in pharmacies. They are made of boil-and-bite material. This material can be easily moulded. However, you have to place them in boiled water and then allow them to cool before you can use them. A significant disadvantage of these night guards is that they are not custom-made and may not fit you perfectly.

Night Guard Material

The materials used to make night guards include:

  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate( EVA)
  • Acrylic plastic material

How Long Should A Night Guard Last

Night guards have varying durability, which depends on factors like the severity of your bruxism and the intensity of clenching. Typically, night guards can last up to 5 years. However, their lifespan can is reduced by wear and tear.


Night guards have numerous advantages and are very effective in treating bruxism. The different types of night guards are over-the-counter, custom-fitted, and soft and hard. Additionally, nightguards are made of either ethylene vinyl acetate or acrylic plastic material. Nightguards alleviate headaches, promote good sleep and reduce pain and discomfort caused by bruxism. Also, a night guard reduces trips to the dentist by protecting you from dental disorders. It is essential to visit Koren Family Dental for diagnosis to determine if you need a night guard.

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