5 Habits That Hurt Your Smile

5 Habits That Hurt Your Smile

Apr 01, 2019

If you think that brushing and flossing your teeth everyday is enough to maintain your oral health, you have mistaken. There may be other habits which can ruin your dental health without you even knowing about them says dentist in Raritan, NJ.

Here’s a Look at Some Such Habits Which Needs to Be Changed for Optimum Oral Health:

Forgetting to Floss

Even if you take time to brush your teeth twice, forgetting to floss will not offer optimum dental cleaning. Brush can’t reach between your teeth and only flossing can help in removing the plaque and the cavity causing bacteria. Thus, you must floss once every day.

Brushing Right after Eating

You should not rush to brush your teeth immediately after a meal especially when you consume food items that are acidic in nature as there is risk of enamel erosion. When you consume a citric food item, or acidic beverage, immediate brushing can erode the enamel. Thus, it’s better to first rinse the mouth with water and wait for 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.

Forgetting to Replace Your Toothbrush

Many people use the same tooth brush for a year or more but an old and worn out brush will not offer proper cleaning results and bacteria can make a home on the bristles. It’s better to replace your brush every 3-4 months.

Bleaching Your Teeth Often

While everyone wants to flaunt pearly white smile and cosmetic dentistry offers several option; going overboard with them can lead to teeth sensitivity. Before you use any at-home or over the counter product, you must consult your dentist in NJ 08869 and ask them how often you can use these products.

Buying the Wrong Toothbrush

If you buy a toothbrush with hard bristles, it can cause severe damage to your teeth and gums. Make sure to buy a toothbrush with soft bristles and use it at 45-degree angle. Brush your teeth in circular motion.

Bad oral hygiene can lead to many oral problems so make sure you don’t have any of the above habits.

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