5 Common Risk Factors for Tooth Loss

5 Common Risk Factors for Tooth Loss

Jan 02, 2017

It’s easy to lose your teeth. While there are plenty of reasons why one is more likely to lose a tooth, your habits and lifestyle choices are the main contributors to tooth loss. Learn about the five common factors that can cause your teeth to fall out.

1. Not Brushing Your Teeth

Not brushing your teeth is a sure shot recipe for tooth loss. Prevent gum disease by brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once to keep your gums healthy.

2. Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol are hard on the mouth, especially on the gums. Tooth loss has been acknowledged as the primary consequence of smoking and drinking. Even former smokers are still at risk.

3. Aging

Aging is inevitable and tooth loss is more common in aging people. Weakened gums and teeth are natural consequences of the aging process. However, oral health care will help keep your teeth intact and even last a lifetime.

4. Being Male

This is another inevitable factor that is important to know about. Based on research, tooth loss is more common in men than in women. Though the exact reason is still unknown, men should be aware that their risk of tooth loss is higher. Taking more aggressive steps to avoid tooth loss will definitely spare your teeth.

5. High Blood Pressure

It is reported that a large number of patients with high blood pressure often end up losing teeth. Considering that high blood pressure is common to adults and elderly people, it’s important to understand the effect it can have on your teeth.

Losing teeth isn’t easy. It makes chewing of food hard and puts you at risk for oral health problems. But the good part is that you can protect your teeth and somehow prevent tooth loss by taking care of your teeth properly. Make prevention a priority.

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