3 Things You Should Know About Teeth Grinding

3 Things You Should Know About Teeth Grinding

Jun 20, 2019

Teeth grinding is when you clench your jaw closed or grind your teeth together consciously or unconsciously. Many people grind their teeth even when they’re awake.

You might not be aware whether you grind your teeth or not. If you have a habit of involuntarily grinding, gnashing or clenching your teeth, get it checked with a dentist in Raritan, NJ.

Teeth-grinding more prevalent among children

Children are more susceptible than adults in grinding their teeth during sleep. It could lead to the development of the swallowing mechanism but usually, grow out without any long-term effects.

Adults grind their teeth for different reasons and one of the most significant is high stress. The few other reasons could be-

  • Consumption of tobacco and high caffeine
  • Use of illicit drugs
  • Suffering from any disease

These all impair the brain nerve function and leads to teeth grinding.

Sleep apnea can be an underlying cause

One of the major underlying cause is obstructive sleep apnea. The two most significant factors which lead to adults teeth grinding-

  • High anxiety or stress
  • Sleep-related breathing disorders

Dentist near Branchburg, NJ says that the physical stress generated due to breathing obstruction occurring several times a night leads to teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding can cause dental problems

Having teeth grinding habit doesn’t mean you will have dental issues. Your risk can increase gradually. Due to its prolonged nature, teeth grinding can lead to excessive tooth wear, damage dental work or jaw joint dysfunction. In a few serious cases, it can also cause a tooth fracture.

If you grind your teeth regularly, a dentist near Somerville, NJ can help you by creating a custom-made safety guard that can reduce biting forces while you are wearing it. Teeth grinding can be minimized by-

  • Quitting tobacco and caffeine
  • Changing lifestyle
  • Managing stress

If you are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, getting treatment particularly for it will not improve your overall health. Visit the Korean Family Dental to learn more about the teeth grinding.

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